Hi, I’m Marina. Russian-born, Israeli-raised, and Berlin-based food-blogger & a hobby cook. Oh, and I’m also a proud mom to two cats! When I’m not busy exploring new recipes and food spots, I design & create digital products.

Food is my true love and passion. But it wasn’t always like that.

Growing up in the suburbs of Tel-Aviv, my family never traveled much or went out to restaurants. I never really learned how to cook, since my mom is a great cook and she preferred us all to stay out of the kitchen 😅 I even went trough a ‘Kosher’ phase for the last year of my military service. It was easy to maintain during the army, as all the food on the bases is Kosher anyways.

As soon as I finished my obligatory service, I moved to Tel-Aviv. During my first night there, my new flatmates took me to watch the World Cup in a nearby Argentinian bar-restaurant. There, they served those delicious-smelling and incredible looking cheese-pork sandwiches (very not kosher). I think you know what happened then. I said f*ck it and I had the sandwich.

Right there and then, on my first night in Tel-Aviv, my kosher days were over and my new life had begun.

Between my bar and cafe jobs in Tel-Aviv, I started to learn how cook (because let’s face it, we all really start cooking only when we move out of our parents house). Shortly after I moved to Germany to study Visual Design. And as student in Hannover, you don’t really have much else to do but to hang out in house parties and cook your own food. Slowly, I began to really enjoy sharing my food with friends at parties and seeing how happy it made everyone. I started traveling, discovering new cuisines, and I truly fell in love with food on my first trip to Rome.

There is nothing more rewarding than coming up with your very own recipe – you know what tickles your palate better anyone, you know what’s good.

And as much as I love creating new dishes, there are some really great chefs out there, with much more experience & different backgrounds than me, that have done an incredible job making the best recipes for us. You just have to know what to look for.

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel in order to be a good cook at home. Following a recipe today can inspire you to create something new tomorrow.

I believe in sharing food & ideas. With this blog, I hope to inspire you to try new recipes, whether mine or from another chef that l look up to. I want you to fall in love with food as much as I am.


If you’d like me to make your recipe, try the food at your restaurant or have an idea for a cool collaboration, feel free to get in touch!

I would love to hear from you.