Futura – Neapolitan Pizza in Friedrichshain

Following @berlinfoodstories and my longtime craving for a good pizza, I finally decided to try my neighbourhood’s most talked about Pizzeria.

Happy to say that it exceeded my expectations and I’m adding Futura to my favourite Pizzerias in Berlin list.

Fluffy thick-crust and at the same time soft dough in a true Neapolitan style that feels light in your stomach, freshest ingredients that come from Italy and an incredibly flavourful tomato sauce that takes you right back to Naples (if you’ve ever been then you’ll know what I’m talking about).

Adding to the experience is the quiet & spacious little square that Futura is located on, which makes you forget where you are for a moment. I recommend booking a table outside and ordering some wine!


Bänschstraße 91, 10247 Berlin

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