Kitten X Middle

This new Israeli place just opened in the heart of Kreuzberg, Kitten x Middle – a lovely duo: Middle Berlin & Kitten Deli, specialising in simple & contemporary Mediterranean food. My favorite foodie @peanutsfood and I had to check it out, and we were really pleasantly surprised ❤️

The hummus was just as we like it – grainy, flavourful, loaded with al dente cooked chickpeas, quality olive oil, fresh parsley & the best Al Kanater tahini (you can get it at Harb Trading in Berlin). Delicious food and charming interior showing off their pickled goods – simple and to the point, just like at home in my beloved Tel-Aviv 🥰

And … you can even buy some of their homemade Labneh or S’hug by the jar to take home with you for a decent price – LOVE 🙌❤️


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  1. Marina‘s advice is extremely valuable. She knows the top spots in Berlin‘s sea of restaurants. This place also looks great!

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