The quickest Miso Soup

There are so many great things about Miso Soup – it’s incredibly healthy, light, vegetarian (or even vegan), and most importantly – it’s just really satisfying and delicious.

Miso Soup is traditional Japanese soup, mainly made of dashi – a type of Japanese stock based either on vegetables or fish, and miso – a paste based on soybeans. Typically it would come with wakame – dry sea weed that you see in sushi, tofu and green onions. Sometimes it comes with Shiitake mushrooms as a well.

I used to work in a Japanese restaurant in Tel Aviv in my early twenties, where I had miso soup literally every day.

I just love it. And it’s so simple to make too!

This version takes only 15 min, and only has 5 ingredient. It’s perfect for a light dinner or for in-betweens. I always have these ingredients on hand since they keep fresh for a long time in the fridge/kitchen cabinet.

For a vegan version simply use vegetarian dashi.

(FYI – I absolutely do not proclaim myself as miso soup expert, or an expert of Japanese food of any kind. I am simply sharing with you a recipe that I’ve been making for years, that I really like because it takes no effort at all, and I hope that you will enjoy as well 💛)


Makes: 2 bowls
Time: 15 min

700ml dashi
2 tbsp miso paste
1 sheet of wakame
1/2 glass cubed silken tofu (the soft kind)
1 sliced green onion



Bring 700ml of dashi to a boil in a medium saucepan.


Add 2 tbsp miso paste, mix well until fully dissolved. Let it simmer for 5 min.


Chop 1 sheet of wakame into 1.5 cm cubes using kitchen scissors. Add to the the simmering dashi and miso mixture.


Chop tofu into 1 cm cubes until you get about 1/2 cup. Add to the rest, and let it simmer for 5 more min.


Serve: Transfer the soup into serving bowls and top with chopped green onions (1 green onion). You can chop the scallions directly above the bowls using scissors.

That’s it! Enjoy 💛


Tip: to make your miso soup more special and filling, add some ramen noodles to it, top it with chopped shiitake mushrooms and a hard boiled egg. The easiest is to buy shiitake when they are dry and let them soak for 30 min in water before adding them, that way you will always have some on hand.


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